Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Using the Smart-Board in the Classroom

I have had a great opportunity to experience technology in a kindergarten classroom this semester. Everyday in my classroom my mentor teacher would have her Smart-Board ready with links and videos to start off the day with the students. Everyday the class gathers on the floor in the morning and the write their morning announcements on the board, this gives children a fun way to learn and interact with technology! I can tell the children really enjoy it and they all want to join in the activities when they are using the Smart-Board.
Kindergarten teacher, Christy Klimes, delivers calendar instruction to her students using the SMART Board.
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Another fun thing they use the Smart-Board for in the morning is watching and interacting with YouTube videos. My mentor teacher has slides full of different sight word links the children were currently working on. Below is an example of a one of the sight word videos the children interact with.

Along with singing along with this video the teacher has come up with dances to go along with all the different songs they do. Go to this link to take you to the YouTube Channel full of interactive videos for students: Have Fun Teaching . The children have so much fun doing this and there are so many more videos and other interactive tools to use with the Smart-Board in the classroom you just have to go looking for them!
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