Friday, April 10, 2015

Google Throughout the Classroom

Hello everyone!!

Today I'm going to talk about using Google for all kinds of activities in the classroom. There are so many things that you can use or even have your children use that are available on Google.

Some things I have used in the past are Google Docs, which is great for having groups work together with a document. Google Slides to make presentations that I showed my students and students can also use to work together to put together a project. Other things to do with Google could be the sites, calendar, mail, drive, Google plus and many more!!

Here are some examples that I use!

Photo by Hannah Finn

This is Google Calendar and I used this in my Technology class along with all my group mates so we could line up our schedules if we ever needed to work together outside of class. Google Calendar could also be used for planning out things in the classroom, have the children plan out their days together, or even just to show the children what your plans are for each week.
Photo by Hannah Finn
Here is a photo of my Google Drive that I use often for group projects with presentations, documents and other useful information! You can also make different folders and organize things more to make it easier for children to find things.

You can use all that Google offers in the classroom and so much more! If you haven't heard of some of these things I would definitely recommend exploring more into Google.

Here is a presentation that I found with 32 ways to use Google Apps in the classroom! Look at this to find out more information and look at all the apps you can use in your classroom someday!! Google Presentation

Have some fun exploring Google!

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